App Signing



Getting Xcode

Credit to u/asdf23451 and Dantheman827 for this.
Also my Reddit account is u/_-iosuserloaded (for more help). Also, if you have any recommendations on what I should change, please tell me, as I want this to make it easy for beginners.

Why Does this Guide Exist?

Essentially, this guide is a fallback method. This guide is a bit long, hence why using AltStore + AltSeverPatcher, or nullxImpactor or AltDeploy is recommended.
And, for those unaware, ReProvision is officially dead. Tools such as Jailbreaks.fun and Impactor is dead.
No, this does not make anything easier, and essentially is no different from AltServer, AltDeploy, and Impactor.
This doesn't really give any other different options except easily changing Bundle ID's (which breaks YouTube/Other Google App Sign-ins, like YouTube Music, Play Music, etc), App Names, and basic things.


  • An Apple Device, and a way to connect it (iOS 13.3.1 Completely broke this guide, so you must be below 13.3.1)
  • Xcode
    • Download from Mac App Store (Mojave or newer only)
  • MacOS (Virtual Machines and Hackintosh work as well)
For Windows users who want Unc0ver, it is easy, however, I cannot link on name the tool. Beware as it is a bit sketchy. You can also use AltSever Patcher, when AltStore gets fixed.
  • An Apple ID
  • The iPA of the application
  • This guide
Cercube and YT++ will not fully work (login issue), as the bundle ID gets changed, if you use this guide.