Could not install app

Make sure the target iOS version is not higher than your iOS verison.

"No signing certificate found”

  • Open Keychain Access which is located in the Utilities folder inside Applications.

  • Select ‘Show Expired Certificates’ in the View menu.

  • Delete the expired version of the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority Intermediate certificate from both the login and system keychains.

  • Download and install the renewed Apple WWDR certificate.

“This app contains an app extension with an illegal bundle identifier”

Install the latest version of iOS App Signer.

Code Signing error

Make sure you did the terminal commands on Extra Steps for Xcode Versions from Apple Developer Site and xcode-select --install

Didn't work?:

  • Try a different bundle ID

  • Log out of Xcode

  • Different Apple ID

  • Revoke in Keychain (Delete the Certificate by right clicking)

  • Try this

Delete those
  • Didn't work?: Comment on the Reddit post/PM me. (Being worked on, can't seem to think on other ways, and school is bothering me.)

Cercube Login Issues

Even after being renamed, there maybe issues left, this is being looked into as well. This is currently the top of my research part, since its happening to me too, and I can have a properly troubleshoot.