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  1. Open Xcode and create a new iOS or tvOS application depending on your device type.

Select Single View App, then Press Next

2. Type in a name and identifier (choose something unique, something like com.your-name.unc0ver)

(If you are trying to use Cercube make sure the identifier is[any name other than youtube])

Add a Product Name (ex. Bears), and a Organization Name. (ex. Slashed)

Please do not use "com.slashed" or use any of the filled out examples that are used here, as it needs a unique ID.

3. It should ask you where to save the project folder, pick the desktop (default), and hit next

4. Plug In your Device and Select it (Where mine says "yeeyee" it will probably say a phone model, such as "iPhone 11" press it and make sure the one you select is your phone name)

Select your device

5. Select the very top of the Project Tree (Should have a App Store looking icon) then press "Targets", and Hit "Signing & Capabilities".

Signing & Capabilities

6. Press the drop down menu that is labeled "Teams" and says "None), press Add an Account (or select a team, but I assume that there is no team linked).

Team Selction

7. Xcode may have you sign into an Apple ID, click Add… (or select an existing Apple ID)

Enter your apple ID

8. Exit out of that window, Select Teams Again, and select the new ID (Most likely is called "Your Name (Personal Team)")

Back on the "General Page in Xcode, Under Deployment Info, make sure the Deployment Targer is lower or equal to your iOS version. (Example: iPhone on iOS 10.1 will need the deployment target to be on <10.1 and not higher)

(If you have additional devices)

  • Plug in the device

  • Go to the Product Menu

  • Under Destination, select your device

  • Repeat from step 3

9. Open terminal and type "xcode-select --install" (Without quotes)

If terminal says "xcode-select: error: command line tools are already installed, use "Software Update" to install updates" Then you are fine, and can continue

10. Xcode should now be fine. Don't exit out yet (Don't worry, everything is fine if you do exit out.)

11. Open App Signer, select the iPA, your signing certificate, and the provisioning profile (Make sure you select "(Device Name) Developer".)

(Adding a Display Name, Version and Short Version is optional, as if it is blank, it uses the iPA default)

iOS App Signer (Neat huh?), better UI than I could do


12. Name the file

(I suggest using a new name) and select where to save it.

Do you need a caption for this one?

13. Go back into Xcode, and press Window (At the very top) -> Devices and Simulators (Older versions are just called Devices). (You can also Press Command+Shift+2, or on other keyboards Alt+Shift+2)

The highlighted is what you want

14. Press your Device under "Connected", Press the + under "Installed Apps"

Please check "Connect Via Network", as it allows you to sign in Xcode without plugging in your device.

Press da button

15. Select the iPA, and press Open

Hit open

Xcode now will start signing the app onto your device. Head to