Where do we go now?

Xcode versions have similar layouts, but can be confusing if something actually moved. How do you tell which part of the guide should you follow? Easy, the first few screens will tell you.

This is one of the first screens you will see (after the initial Setup)
  1. What you will have to do, is press Create a new Xcode project

  2. Look at the screen that pop ups next, which does it look like?

Looks like this? Most Likely, Newer Versions
Like this? Most Likely its an Older version

So, whats the difference between them? Is one easier?

The answer is, not much, and no. The only difference is you have to do about 3 more clicks to go where you're supposed to be at, and even then, its not hard.

Now, click the guide based off of what version you have.