Q: Can I do this with Windows?

A: Sort of…


Check the Troubleshooting page, and if it doesn't work, comment on the reddit post or DM me. Make sure you include a picture of Xcode and iOS App Signer when everything is filled out. Include when you get the error.

Please DO NOT, spam me with messages that consist of 2 words per message in a spam of 30 to finish stating your problem. I understand that you want me to answer, but

1.) I may get in trouble in school for it

2.) Im busy

And I do understand that I forget/never see it. Sending 2-5 messages to see if I got it after 5-10 minutes is fine however.

Q: Is this permanent?

A: No, the code signing expires when either the provisioning file or signing certificate expires. For free accounts this is 7 days, paid accounts get 1 year.

Q: How do I update or re-sign?

A: Launch Xcode and select into the project. Then start at the iOS App Stage, then just install over the existing application.

Q: Will I lose my settings when I update?

A: No, as long as you use the same identifier and don’t remove the old app the settings will stay.

Q: Can I make it so it automatically resign certificates?

A: As far as I know, No.

Q: Can I install 32 Bit apps after iOS 11?

A: No

Q: Can I install 64 Bit apps on 32 Bit devices?

A: No